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About us

The Team

“Multidisciplinary” – that would define us. We know about technology but we also have specific training in disciplines related to design, Fine Arts, History of Art, Advertising, Marketing...

Combining technology and design has emerged as the key value of our company. We feed value through continuous training.

We also have a growing team of companies and freelancers. Our partners include large companies engaged in technological development, production and audiovisual professionals, professional speakers, composers, illustrators and photographers, teachers, psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists.

All of us form the ecosystem which is Simbiosys, an open business model, with an emphasis on transparency and collaboration.

estudio oficina

Face to face

Ángel Hurtado de Saracho

Ángel Hurtado de Saracho

Graphic Design and Multimedia · Front-end and Back-end Development

His ambivalent profile with a background in both art and technology makes him the perfect "Planner" of the team. Artist and expert in design / web development. "The Internet is evolving at breakneck speed, our job is to go faster (at least the speed of sound and a half)". He never misses a painting exhibition, and what he likes most in this world is to travel around it.


Héctor Alonso

Prototyping · Graphic Design · SEO · Front-end Development

A perfect combination of synthesis and implementation make Hector the team´s “Conceptualizer". David Carson´s quote: "Do not confuse legibility with communication. Just because something is legible does not mean that it communicates" is always present in his work.

Óscar González

Óscar González

Web Design Development · Prototyping · Front-end and Back-end

Always with his finger on the pulse of the latest trend, Oscar has earned the title of "The Updater" in Simbiosys. His work combines contemporary design with more functional implementation, in his own words: "Mens sana in corpore sano".

Sergio Martínez

Sergio Martínez Montes

CTO. Cofounder

“The problem solver" of the company, pragmatic and efficient to the extreme. Sergio is always able to find the way out of a cul-de-sac. Very interested in free software, he takes his camera on every trip he goes on where a song from Los Planetas is never missing.

Marcos Viñuela

Marcos Viñuela

CEO. Cofounder

Marcos is “the catalyst" in Simbiosys, his continuous generation of ideas and his presence alone helps to make things work. With a creative, entrepreneurial spirit, he is always looking for opportunities and synergies. Passionate about teamwork and commitment with an outgoing personality, he enjoys reading, photography, creativity and Social Sciences.

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