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Simbio 360º

SIMBIO360º is our own in house multimedia product that allows virtual, high definition, 360ª visits to any space or facility.

Para ver la visita virtual es preciso tener instalado el plugin de flash. Descargar Adobe Flash Player

Each scenario included in the visit allows the user to rotate and zoom in at any angle, allowing a 360 ​​° view from that angle. The images provided for each scenario are real, obtained through the composition of high-resolution photographs.

vistas de simbio360 vistas de simbio360

The Virtual Visit allows you to move from one position to another (interactive navigation), and also includes the possibility of accessing any of the views of the visit from a flat surface (navigation plan/map?).

Additionally, you can include multimedia components that allow, for example, access to details of the place including sound, voice, music, video, etc.. The possibilities are virtually endless.


The technology we use to develop the visits is Adobe Flash. This well-known, multi-browser, cross-platform technology has a high percentage of use among Internet users.

This technology is independent to the server where the website is hosted, and so therefore can be added to any web page regardless of the technology that has been developed. It is not necessary that the contracting company complies with any technical requirements for commissioning.

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